Quickie Mountain 2

20 original covers written for Quickie Mountain 2, a Celeste mod based on the Kaizo Super Mario World hack Quickie World and Quickie World 2, now available!

Track List

  1. Madeline Start! ("Opening Theme" from Super Mario World)

  2. Donut Chasm ("Athletic Theme" from Super Mario World)

  3. Sirius Bay ("Sophia" from Gimmick!)

  4. Theo's Animal Farm ("Weapons Factory" from Super Mario RPG)

  5. Take Five

  6. Badeline's Castle 1-1 ("Bower's Castle" from Super Mario World)

  7. Badeline's Castle 1-2 ("Bowser's Castle" from Super Mario World)

  8. Postcards from Quickie Mountain ("World 2" from Super Mario World)

  9. ECC Clocktower ("Clocktower" from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon)

  10. Birdo Volcano ("CORE" from UNDERTALE)

  11. Pufferfish Paradise ("Cloudy Beach" by Maxodex)

  12. Elusive Cavern ("Underground Zone" from Sonic 2)

  13. Castle Ruins ("Vs. Susie" from DELTARUNE)

  14. Underground Cassette ("Underground Theme" from Super Mario Bros.)

  15. Ground Control ("Moon Theme" from Ducktales)

  16. Elemental Changes ("Underground Theme" from Sonic CD)

  17. Seeker City ("Stardust Speedway" from Sonic CD)

  18. Lady Luck ("Seeking the Holy Sword" from Sword of Mana)

  19. Celestial Shadow ("Potential for Anything" from VVVVVV)

  20. Credits Warp ("Exhale" from Celeste and "What is Love" by Haddaway)