Video Game Soundtracks

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Celeste Strawberry Jam

A massive 2 year long collaboration of the Celeste Modding Community, Strawberry Jam is a map pack with over 100 levels for all skill levels! Over 9 and half hours of music were written for this project by a team of over 50 composers across the globe.

Quickie Mountain 2

The team had so much fun making Quickie Mountain that we decided to make a sequel! 5 chapters with A, B, and C sides, inspired by levels from Quickie World and Quickie World 2, and all with custom music!

Sortzy States

Sortzy is a US geography trivia game geared toward 4th to 8th graders published on mobile app stores by Sperry Labs!

Aria and the Five Stones

Friends are important, but best friends are the best! But when Aria's best friend stops returning her messages, Aria knows she needs to go rescue them however possible. In this demo, you'll play through one of five planned scenarios, helping Aria on her quest to rescue her best friend.

Quickie Mountain

Quickie Mountain is a mod for the game Celeste. The mod was inspired by the Super Mario World Kaizo Hack "Quickie World" and was created for the Edge Case Collective Glitches are Queer 2020 Game Jam.