strawbery jams

Not only did I write over an hour of music for this project myself, I was also the lead manager responsible for team coordination, assignment, and implementation. I am very proud of the works that I and the rest of the composers have made for this project, and even prouder to say that all of our album sales are being donated to Trans Lifeline.

volume 1

~ Prelude
~ Strawberry Dreamland
~ going for a walk to take my mind off things for a bit
~ Garden Flight
~ A Walk Down Strawberry Lane (piano performance)

volume 2

~ Raspberry Roots
~ Picnic in the Sky
~ Raspberry Roots (Tree of Life Mix)

volume 3

~ Glide

volume 4

~ Bed of Thorns (with Jemy)

volume 5

~ Passionfruit Pantheon
~ On a Night of Crimson Wind
~ Passionfruit Pantheon (Apotheosis Mix)
~ Welcome to the Jam (Bonus)